Are you planning to recruit migrant workers from the Philippines?

Migrant workers from the Philippines are starting to become more relevant to some New Zealand employers because of the labor and skills shortage. This can be a strategic way of increasing business opportunities and efficiency for employers like you. Therefore, how can you prepare?

As an employer, you know how different it is to employ migrants from local New Zealanders. New migrant workers need assistance and support from you due to the new working environment they are going to face. An employer should be ready to accommodate not just the work aspect of the worker but also their life in New Zealand no matter how short the contract will be. 

Before diving deep into the detailed process, you must first ask yourself these questions:

Are you financially prepared for the full recruitment cost of each worker?

Can you provide practical care for Filipino migrant workers?

Do you have the financial capacity to pay workers a minimum of 30 hours per week?

The Philippine government requires you to pay for your worker’s airfares. It is expected to cost $3,000–$4,000 per worker that covers recruitment and placement fees of your workers since New Zealand is a ‘no placement fee’ country. 

We recommend you talk to other New Zealand employers who have experience in hiring workers from the Philippines. This will widen your knowledge and will help you determine if your business is completely ready. Once you are ready to begin the process, you can work directly to a Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (PEOA) licensed recruitment agency from the Philippines.  

Recruitment Agency in the Philippines

When it comes to hiring Filipino workers, the law requires you to work with a recruitment agency that is recognized by the Philippine government. Fil-HR Manpower is a top POEA licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines. Helping not only hardworking Filipinos but also foreign employers with their 5 branches throughout the country. We have been in the human resources industry for over 20 years. Over the years, we have deployed over 500 overseas Filipino workers in the US, Middle East, New Zealand, and Germany, serving over 200 employers like you worldwide.

Once you work with us, we take care of the applicant screening, paperwork processing, and training so you can save time for yourself. We make sure to have open communication with you to fulfill your needs and build a great connection. We ensure to understand your business culture to meet your standards for the manpower you need.

When working with a recruitment agency, you need to remind yourself of all the things you should know in the process that the agency will take.

We ask for the specific candidate specifications for your work environment. Once we pick the candidates for the job, we will present a shortlist to you that indicates the candidate’s overview profile and timeframes. We will also arrange interviews for you to fully assess your potential workers.

Be a Valid Foreign Employer and Certify your Job Order

Now that you have identified the POEA licensed recruitment agency you can work with, there are still essential things to remember as a New Zealand employer before the recruitment. 

The Philippine government will ask you to be the first accredited to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) as a Foreign Employer. For New Zealand, this can be found in Canberra, Australia. You can also be accredited through the Philippine Consul General, in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. To be qualified, the Consul General or POLO will ask you to submit the following:

  • Manpower request (indicate the salary and position of the workers to be hired).
  • Company Extract and Certificate of Corporation.
  • Business license and any document that can validate your business.
  • Recruitment Agreement with the POEA licensed recruitment agent.
  • Master Employment Agreement

When submitted successfully, you will now be accredited as a Foreign Employer valid for four years. Now, can the recruitment process begin? Not yet. 

Every foreign employer wanting to recruit workers from the Philippines must be able to submit a Job Order to the PEOA. You must submit the Job Order to the nearest POLO in your location. They will study your site and work offer. Then after being certified, you can now begin your recruitment process. 

To save time, you can submit your paperwork at the same time for both accreditations as a Foreign Employer and your Job Order.

Things to remember in Employment Contracts

It is essential to remember to create an employment contract for your Filipino workers that will meet the requirements of the Philippine Government. You must provide one employment contract for each Filipino worker which includes guaranteed wages for regular working hours and overtime pay, free food, free transportation to and from the worksite. This contract needs to guarantee that they will be paid a minimum of 30 hours per week. This contract is valid for the entire term of the worker’s employment.

Documents of Filipino workers should be arranged as well. All Filipino workers hired by New Zealand employers must obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) before they leave the Philippines. This proves the worker has been legally allowed as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

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